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Online again!
Skyth on 07.06.2011 um 15:47 (UTC)
 Hello my dear fans,

after more than 2 years i made it to get online again and have some time, to look after my republic commando fanpage.
i hope you still come here and look for some republic commando stuff, and i hope, that i will gave more time, to look for my little baby and keep it up to date!
one more thing: sadly there's no part 2 of star wars: republic commando.
but there's still some hope...

see you!

Happy new year!
Skyth on 01.01.2009 um 08:28 (UTC)
 So it's done, 2008 is over and the New Year 2009 has begun.
I wish you all a nice year 2009 and such a great time as in the last one.
I hope for many visitors here on my fan page,
and hope for an ever-living-starwars.



6.000 User!!!
Skyth on 18.10.2008 um 08:21 (UTC)
 It’s awesome, on this page were already 6.000 visitors.
That's so cool.
I never thought that there will be more than 1000 Users.
But 6.000!!!!
That‘s great.
Again, thanks to all who have visited my page!

New Design V 2.0
Skyth on 18.10.2008 um 08:11 (UTC)
 How you surly have already noticed I’ve change the page-design again.
Hope you will like as much as me.
Furthermore I wish you lots of fun on the page.

New Design
Skyth on 04.04.2008 um 23:56 (UTC)
 How you shurly have already noticed i gave my homepage a new design.
Because it's a homepage about Star Wars i took a Star-Wars-Design.
By the "Survey", you can vote if you like it or not..
PS: The original is from International
Skyth on 15.03.2008 um 22:21 (UTC)
 To make the page more popular I decided to make a bit friendlier to foreigners and write all the text a 2nd time in English.



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